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About our Services


  • Private Lessons

    We specialize in the beginner who has always wanted to learn to ride. We recognize the special needs and fears of the beginner. All lessons at Caballo Farm are private. The length of the lesson is 45 minutes. The cost for each lesson is $35.00 plus HST. Lessons may be given in our indoor arena or our outdoor ring dependent on the weather. If the horse is trailered in a stall for the night can be provided for $30.00 + HST. Monthly rates of $200.00 + HST are available for horses that are part leased from our farm. This includes two lessons per week for the month.

  • Training

    Training your horse is an unique experience for each rider/owner. We will develop an individual program that is a combination of training rides and private lessons over a four day period for each week. You decide how you want your goals to be reached. Cost is $750/month + HST. This includes board.

  • Leasing

    There are circumstances where leasing a horse may be your best choice. Leasing can introduce the responsibilities without some of the expenses. Commitments included with horse ownership can involve shoeing expenses, veterinary costs, supplements, equipment and insurance. Riders can outgrow a horse's abilities if they want to show at a more advanced level than their own horse can perform. It makes good financial sense to engage in a lease until a rider is accomplished enough to know what level of training they need in a partner they may keep for a lifetime. The cost of a part lease is $125.00/month to have access to ride the horse three times/week. No other expenses are paid by the student such as shoeing, vet bills etc. However, the use of the horse has to be arranged around the lesson schedule. Conflicts with scheduling can be resolved by providing another horse for practice riding if necessary.